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STILL has produced forklift and handling equipment for over 50 years.   After its creation [...] > Voir plus


The Linde brand belongs to the Linde Material Handling company of Germany. Linde is present [...] > Voir plus


Toyota is a Japanese company created in 1933, which develops several types of vehicles. Mainly[...] > Voir plus


Hyster began its activity in the 1920s in tree-cutting, in the North-West of the United states.[...] > Voir plus


Caterpillar (CAT) is an American company mainly specializing in the production of constructio[...] > Voir plus

Gammes principales Modèles
EP 25 (9)
Gammes principales Modèles


The H. Jungheinrich & Co Maschinenfabrik company was founded by Friedrich Jungheinrich in 195[...] > Voir plus

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