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Auction sale

Check out the next auction dates for handling equipments!
Easily find the used handling equipments up for auction by our professional clients.

Auction n°2103

10 ads up for auction

Other Landscaping equipment
Belgium Belgium - Aye

Auction n°2178

52 ads up for auction

Excavator Telescopic handler Backhoe loader Road network trucks

Auction n°2241

84 ads up for auction

Semi-trailer Equipment spare parts Other
Belgium Belgium - Aye

Auction n°2244

1 ad up for auction

Belgium Belgium - Jamioulx

Auction n°2243

7 ads up for auction

Telescopic handler Excavator
Belgium Belgium - Gembloux

Auction n°2131

1 ad up for auction

Belgium Belgium - Charleroi

Auction n°2069

397 ads up for auction

Road construction equipment Forestry equipment Pallet truck Livestock equipment
Netherlands Netherlands - Leende (Bij Eindhoven)

Auction n°2248

3 ads up for auction

Handling part Agricultural implements Excavator
Belgium Belgium - Léglise

Auction n°2246

4 ads up for auction

Bridge crane
Belgium Belgium - Auvelais

Auction n°1080

21 ads up for auction

Forklift Trailer Stacker Other
Belgium Belgium - Herk-De-Stad