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Auction sale

Check out the next auction dates for handling equipments!
Easily find the used handling equipments up for auction by our professional clients.

Auction n°36379 - AGORASTORE

5 ads up for auction

Truck equipments All-terrain forklift Bus Landscaping equipment

Auction n°36251 - AUCTELIA SA

5 ads up for auction - Aye (BE)

Equipment spare parts Handling part Van Landscaping equipment
Belgium Belgium - Aye

Auction n°36391 - AUCTELIA SA

16 ads up for auction - Wavre (BE)

Fodder distribution Excavator Concrete Crushing, recycling
Belgium Belgium - Wavre

Auction n°35911 - Surplex GmbH

4 ads up for auction - Düsseldorf (DE)

Pallet truck Forklift Handling part
Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen - Düsseldorf

Auction n°36250 - AUCTELIA SA

18 ads up for auction - Stekene (BE)

Pallet truck Concrete Other Handling part
Belgium Belgium - Stekene

Auction n°36076 - AUCTELIA SA

10 ads up for auction - Antwerpen (BE)

Concrete Forklift Handling part Other
Belgium Belgium - Antwerpen

Auction n°35890 - AUCTELIA SA

7 ads up for auction - Paliseul (BE)

Road construction equipment Drilling, harvesting, trenching equipment Handling part
Belgium Belgium - Paliseul

Auction n°36048 - AUCTELIA SA

4 ads up for auction - Lille (BE)

Telescopic handler Loader Aerial platform
Belgium Belgium - Lille

Auction n°35729 - Surplex GmbH

4 ads up for auction - Düsseldorf (DE)

Other Forklift
Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen - Düsseldorf

Auction n°35746 - Surplex GmbH

1 ad up for auction - Düsseldorf (DE)

Pallet truck
Germany Nordrhein-Westfalen - Düsseldorf